Restaurant Concept: Surf bowls
Food & drink
Healthy Custom Bowls and Wraps
Located in Carlsbad, California, Surf Bowls covers the North County Coastal communities of San Diego County. This includes Oceanside,Carlsbad, Encinitas, Cardiff-by-the-sea, and Solana Beach.
Main target audience
Busy working folks - San Diego County, particularly around the coast, is an area with a lot of working professionals in areas such as biotech, technology, video games, etc. These are busy professionals, and yet the work environments tend to be very casual and not at all stuffy. People tend to wear casual clothing to work and are, in general, a health-conscious and active bunch. Many of them are also surfers. That’s why a fast-casual, healthy custom bowl delivery service would work well in this area.

Elevator pitch
Inspired by active professionals who lead busy lives but want to eat healthy meals, we bring nutritious, fast, affordable meals to you. We cover the North County coastal areas of Oceanside, Carlsbad, Encinitas, Cardiff-by-the-sea, and Solana Beach. We are open daily from 11AM-8PM to bring you healthy lunches and dinners on-the-go.
Reminder: Affordable, healthy custom bowls and wraps for active professionals in coastal San Diego county.
Target Audience
The website/app will focus on the following target audiences:
Roles (groups of people with similar goals)
Busy professionals who want nutritious meals. Health-conscious individuals. Fitness enthusiasts. Busy moms who want nutritious meals. Office managers who need to cater office luncheons for a diverse workplace.
Gender - Equal mix of men and women. Education -College educated or higher. Occupations - Tech, biotech, video games, web development. Age - 25-55. Location - Suburban, coastal. North County San Diego county, California.
Psychographics (personality, values, attitudes, interests, lifestyles)
Personality & Attitudes: Fun, Creative, Professional and Innovative. Think “tech start-up”
Values: Wellness-focused, Work-life balance
Lifestyles: Professional, but casual, Into outdoor activities...surfing, hiking, cycling, etc., Very “San Diego” - beach vibes
Strategy - User Personas
Josh Harrow (35) – The Freelance Web Developer
● Freelance Web Developer
● Works out of his home or out of local coffee shops
● Loves attending developer conferences and meetups
● Loves doing triathlons
● Throws beach barbecues on the weekends
● Goes on a big international trip every year
● Has celiac disease so must eat strictly gluten free
● Not married, but has a long-term partner
● Graduate of UCLA
Julie Lang (45) – The Biotech Research Assistant
● Research Assistant at Coast Pharmaceuticals
● Works at a large local biotech campus
● Loves getting together with her coworkers for happy hour
● Passionate surfer and an avid hiker
● Eats a very healthy vegan diet
● Loves visiting tropical islands when she gets some vacation time
● Does yoga every Sunday
● Married for 10 years, no children
● Attended Stanford University

Danielle Jones (50) – The Tech Startup C.E.O.
● C.E.O. of startup that makes fitness and wellness applications
● Leads a small team of 15 people
● Enjoys taking her team out on team-building activities
● Avid cyclist- competes in road bike races on the weekends
● Tends to eat a very healthy, paleo diet
● Does CrossFit
● Married for 20 years, two children
● Has visited every continent on Earth, very into adventure travel
● M.B.A. from Columbia University

Strategy - User Needs and Client Needs
User Needs
The website needs to enable the user to:

● Find out if the restaurant delivers to their area
● Order food online
● Easily customize the bowl or wrap to the customer’s liking
● Inform customers of nutritional value of the items and if those items are vegan/gluten free
● Schedule orders in advance and set a delivery time
● Contact the restaurant if there are any issues or questions
● Track the order after it has been placed
● Save past orders in user account so they can easily reorder their favorites

Client Needs
The website needs to enable the client to:
● To sell food online that will be delivered
● Provide a system for order customization
● Communicate healthy, fresh food to the customers
● Communicate ease and convenience of their ordering system
● Give off a fast-casual vibe
● Reflect the relaxed, beachy nature of the area of service

Outline of Scope
Content Requirements
The user will be looking for....

● Food Menu: Custom Bowls and Wraps, Appetizers, Sides, Drinks
● Images of the food, as well as images showing target demographics of
fast casual, beach vibes, active professionals
● Text that describes the delivery area of North San Diego County coastal areas of Oceanside, Carlsbad, Encinitas, Cardiff-by-the-sea, and Solana Beach
● About Us: Surf Bowls was founded in 2019 by Carlsbad local pro-surfer turned marketing manager Hannah Hawkins. Hannah saw the need for a
fast, healthy, convenient option for lunch at the office. This is how Surf
Bowls was born. We are passionate about bringing nutritious, fast,
affordable meals to health-conscious busy professionals. We cover the
North County coastal areas of Oceanside, Carlsbad, Encinitas,
Cardiff-by-the-sea, and Solana Beach. We are open daily from
11AM-8PM to bring you healthy lunches and dinners on-the-go.
● Customer Favorites (a page with a few custom items created by customers...describes the item and highlights the customer, i.e. “Sarah
from Encinitas enjoys her custom Greek-style Surf Bowl to power up
before her after-work surf session”)
● FAQ’s
Functionality Requirements
“The user will be able to…”

● Choose from a list of pre-made bowls and wraps
● Create custom bowls and wraps: Bowl or wrap, Base, Protein, 
Veggies, Toppings and Dressings, Extras and sides
● Appetizers
● Sides
● Drinks
● Add items to their cart
● Check out
○ Enter their payment info (Credit Card or PayPal)
● Enter their delivery address
● See the real-time status of their order and watch the map for delivery

Wireframes - Desktop layout
Click on an image to see it larger.
A Sample of Mobile Wireframes- Home Page and Nav
Visual Mockups - Desktop Layout
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A Sample of Mobile Visual Mockups- Home Page and Nav

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