Concepts for a new smartphone app geared at taking people on virtual hiking adventures!
Software used: Sketch, Adobe Illustrator
Virtual Hikes is a smartphone app for people who want to add a little adventure into their everyday exercise routine. 
Discover new hiking trails all over the world. Use your fitness tracker to map your journey. Earn badges, and share your progress with your friends. Get fit, and have fun!
Mood board
This UI mood board was created to determine the look and feel of the Virtual Hikes app. It evokes the style and the "look and feel" of the app. We want to focus on beautiful nature photography and hiking photography so users of the app can really feel like they are taken away to a peaceful, beautiful location as they complete their fitness challenges. 
Video sneak peek
Check out this "sneak peek" to get a feel for the app and it's functionality. 

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